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The Flashettes

by Bonnie L. Friedman and co-produced by Emily Leon

Inner city girls gain self-esteem from a track club

An exhilarating exposition of how young urban women can actively develop themselves through sports. Focusing on their hopes and aspirations,this upbeat film movingly shows how the rigorous training helps to produce more than just muscle, but a positive self-identity and pride. A young man returns to his community after college and decides to do something about the alcoholism, drugs and teen pregnancies he sees everywhere. He starts a girls track club for ages 6-16, and instilling the spirit of "I CAN", THE FLASHETTES becomes more than a team, but a second family, building self-confidence and self-respect for its members.

quoteA classic inspirational film that provides valuable lessons about dealing with disappointment, keeping hope, being persistent, handling trouble and developing self discipline.
Patricia Priesing
Voice of Youth Advocates

quoteAn exciting and moving film that has something to say to everyone about women and sports, pain and exhilaration, the individual and society. See it.
Womensports Magazine

quoteA beautiful film that shows how a sports experience can create a whole new lifestyle. This film is useful not only in the field of sports, but as a motivational film raising social consciousness about fellowship and leadership in terms young people will accept and adult audiences will enjoy.
Nolan Lushington
Film News

quoteAn excellent film filled with humor, excitement, sensitivity, and human insight.
Tom Foner
Rolling Stone

quoteDocumenting a feeling of positive optimism, a sense of "I can" that predicts that those first trophies won at track meets will be just a beginning for these girls, this film will inspire leaders and future leaders.

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  • Francis Scott Key Award, Baltimore Film Festival
  • Top 10 Films For Children, New York Times

  • Anthology Film Archives
  • Prize, Indiana Film festival

  • Second Prize- Marine County Film Festival
  • First Prize- Stockston State Film Festival
  • Top 10 Most Notable Film List- American Library Association
  • Bellevue Film Festival
  • American Film Festival
  • Athens International Film Festival
  • Screenings: Rotterdam International Film Festival
  • Cine Golden eagle
  • Staff Prize, Oberhausen Sportsfilmtage, Germany
  • First Prize, Jacksonville Film Festival
  • Museum of Modern Art

The Flashettes

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