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Enemies of War

by Esther L Cassidy

El Salvador's civil war

It's 1989 and eight years into El Salvador's civil war, a conflict fueled by billions of dollars in aid from the U.S. government. Six Jesuit priests lay brutally murdered, the latest casualties in a war that would claim at least 75,000 lives. Enemies of War examines these unspeakable murders and the story of El Salvador's people as they pick up the pieces after incalculable losses. We meet Margarita Acosta de Alas, who fights the repressive Salvadorian government, and Congressman Joe Moakley, sent to investigate the truth about the murders. These compelling characters tell the story of El Salvador's brave, yet daunting journey to peace and democracy.


  • The LASA 200 Award of Merit in Film
  • Chicago International Television Competition - Award of Merit
  • City of Angels Film Festival
  • Good Friday Film Festival
  • Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival
  • Festival du Independants, Brussels, Belgium
Enemies of War

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